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About STTC

Established on November 18, 1998, Shenzhen Transtone Translation Center (STTC) has been always maintaining the tenet of “Quality First and Service First” to serve the entire society and provide customized translation solutions to our clients.

STTC has a strong team of foreign and local translation experts who are proficient in their languages. Besides having related social experiences, they also have professional knowledge to ensure the specialty of their translation works. All our translators have over five years of experience in translation, an education background of undergraduate or above and profound knowledge. We can provide multi-language translation services in all kinds of field. Choose us, select assured!

STTC is client-oriented and provides customized solution for each client. No matter for domestic or foreign clients, we rely on our strict quality-control system to provide prompt and professional services. We also take all kinds of measure to ensure the security of the information and trade secrets of our clients so as to keep their advantages in the competition.

The language communications is a necessity in the development of global economy and STTC is ready to build a bridge of language for human being with our efforts. We are looking forward to establishing cooperation relations with domestic and foreign colleagues, enterprises and individuals.

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Languages
  • Fields
  • Typing
professional translations between Chinese and foreign languages and among various foreign languages in all kinds of fields.
interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in all kinds of business negotiation, international conference, press conference, exhibition, seminar and site operation instruction, etc.
English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Swedish, Denish, Norwegian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Rabbinic, Greek and Bosnian, etc.
Machinery, electronics, computer, aviation, communications, economy, finance, securities, law, medicine, automobile, biology, chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, energy, geology, environment, metallurgy, construction, electric power, textile, printing and dyeing, paper production and agriculture, etc.
Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, etc., text typing and video and audio file input. The file format can be DOC document or other formats as required by the clients.
We are providing you with the most cost effective translation services at a competitive price and the specific quotation depends on the complexity, language, specification and scale of he project. Please send you requirements to our Email address or contact us directly so that we can offer you an exact quotation as soon as possible.